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UV Bottle Mockup Sauvignon Blanc.png

Our driest white wine with crisp notes of apricot and mango.

White Wine


UV Bottle Mockup Oaked Chardonnay.png

A dry white wine with crisp notes of apple and cherry blossom. Oaked in stainless steel.

White Wine


UV Bottle Mockup Muscat.png

A sweet white wine with notes of cantaloupe and honeydew.

White Wine


UV Bottle Mockup Peach.png

Coming Summer 2024, our peach wine is a deliciously sweet fruit wine made with 100% real peaches.

fruit wine

Peach is coming soon!

UV Bottle Mockup Raspberry.png

A sweet and slightly tart fruit wine made from 100% raspberries.

Fruit Wine


UV Bottle Mockup Blackberry.png

A fruit wine with a tart finish, made from 100% blackberries.

Fruit Wine


UV Bottle Mockup Red Velvet.png

A semi-sweet red muscadine blend with notes of raspberry and spice.

Red Wine

Red Velvet

UV Bottle Mockup Merlot.png

A dry red wine aged in American oak. Has notes of plum, black cherry & coffee.

Red Wine


UV Bottle Mockup Chardonnay.png

A dry white wine with a clean citrus taste and hints of pear.

White Wine


UV Bottle Mockup Riesling.png

A semi-dry white wine with citrus notes and melon overtones.

White Wine


UV Bottle Mockup White Syrah.png

A blush wine with hints of wild berry and cherry with a slight pepper finish.

Blush Wine

White Syrah

UV Bottle Mockup Strawberry.png

A sweet and refreshing fruit wine made with 100% strawberries.

Fruit Wine


UV Bottle Mockup Blueberry.png

A smooth, sweet fruit wine made from 100% blueberries.

Fruit Wine


UV Bottle Mockup Noble EP.png

A sweet, full-bodied red muscadine with fruity notes and hints of spice.

Red Wine

Noble Evening Pleasure

UV Bottle Mockup Pinot Noir.png

A dry red wine with hints of dark berry and a silky smooth finish.

Red Wine

Pinot Noir

UV Bottle Mockup Cabernet Sauvignon.png

Our driest red wine with hints of blackberry, black pepper & spice. Aged in American oak.

Red Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon

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